Summer 2014

Summer of 2014

Summer is upon us.

Let’s look at the schedule.  First of all, it’s noteworthy that my band is into it’s 6th year with our Sunday jam at Tommy O’s in downtown Vancouver.  Here’s a link to a video that captures the vibe.  I’m not in this particular clip because we usually have people sitting in with us after the first set.

The place is rockin’.  Always packed and good food to boot!  So give it a try.
8th and Washington in downtown Vancouver.  6:30 start time.  Every Sunday without fail.

One of my main projects for this summer is the expansion of my record label called NuWrinkle Records.  For 13 years, I’ve just used NWR as my personal vehicle for releasing my own CD’s.  Since releasing a pop/rock disc by talented guitarist/singer/songwriter Bart Hafeman, I have been on the lookout for new artists other than myself to release out there to the world.  So if you or somebody you know are looking for a label with good distribution (Allegro Media Group), get in touch with me.

And one major project coming up is a CD by a wonderful jazz singer, Toni Lincoln.  Toni’s self-titled record (produced by me) hits the streets on July 8.  The day before the actual street date, Toni and I will play an in-store concert at Portland’s storied “bricks and mortar” record store, Music Millenium.  I can’t wait for this one.  It’s been years since i’ve played at that great store.  That concert is July 7 starting at 6pm.  (You can usually catch Toni at our Sunday night jams in Vancouver at Tommy O’s.)

Then on July 18, we’ll do a full-blown CD release party for Toni at Jimmy Mak’s in the Pearl District.  It will feature Toni with the rhythm section from her CD;  myself on piano, Ron Steen on drums, and David Captein on bass. Toni’s father, the great jazz-blues singing baritone, Sweet Baby James Benton, is scheduled to join us for some tunes.

I love accompanying singers.  Another favorite of mine is the wonderful Shelly Rudolph.  We’ll be at Wilf’s restaurant on July 11.  This is a departure from our regular “First Friday” slot because the first Friday of July is the Fourth.  And they’re closing that day.  So we switcheroo’d to the 11th.  Then we’ll be at the Heathman the following night, Saturday July 12.

On Thursday July 10, I’ll be accompanying two young, up and coming singers at the Camellia Lounge in the Pearl.  They are Michaela Dale and Meghan Wilson.  The Camellia is in the back of the Tea Zone which is a smart little tea shop on NW 11th near Glisan.  The lounge where the music happens sits behind the curtain and is as intimate as they come as far as music venues go.  But really sweet with a nice piano and good acoustics, good food and drinks!  Can’t go wrong with all that.

For my friends at the Oregon coast, I’ll be playing at the Tillamook County Library on the night of Wednesday July 16.  This is part of their adult summer reading program.  The library is located in downtown Tillamook. This will be my second appearance at the library as I played there 3 years ago as part of this program.  I’ll be playing solo piano + vocals, songs from all conceivable sources.

Just got word of a new venue opening in Vancouver on Fourth Plain Bvd.   It’ll be called Byno’s Roadhouse.  It has been called Dodge City in the past, and was once The Keg.  The new owner is Jim Jeter and his is giving the place a totally new look and new identity. We’re going to give it a test drive on July 25 with my band, Shelly, and perhaps a surprise guest to be named later.  This will be a 9-12pm gig with a dance floor and the whole nine yards.  And there could be more dates there in coming weeks, months.

On to August, when I’ll be with Shelly again on the first Friday of the month (August 1) at Wilf’s Restaurant in the train station. We go from 7:30-11:30 at this landmark jazz emporium.

On August 12, my band, Jeff Frankel and David Captein with Shelly will appear in a charity event called Concerts for a Cause.  This will take place at Camas Meadows Golf Club (in Camas WA) and this particular concert will benefit the Snowman Foundation. We hit the stage at 6:30. This will be an outdoor concert in a beautiful  area of the Golf course near the clubhouse that serves as a kind of natural sunken amphitheater.  We’ve done this one before and it’s a true summer delight.