Tom Grant


Tom Grant

Arrivederci with Shelly Rudolph, Brent Follis & Phil Baker

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Tom Grant Trio – Live from Cerimon House

Cerimon House 5131 NE 23rd, Portland, OR, United States

Join the impeccable jazz trio of Tom Grant on piano, Perry Thoorsell on bass, and Ron Steen on drums, for an evening of music and entertainment, with a special appearance by vocalis Billie Eidson. The concert will be live-streamed from … Continue reading


VALENTINE’S at The 1905

The 1905 830 N Shaver, Portland , OR

Shelly Rudolph, Ron Steen, Dave Captein, and Tom Grant - live at The 1905 on Valentine's Night.  Two Shows:  5:30 and 7:30. Stick around for the Ron Steen Jam at 9 P M. TICKETS ONLINE: Valentine's at the 1905   … Continue reading

Brent Follis Trio @ Vino Veritas | SE PDX

Vino Veritas 7835 SE Stark St., Portland, United States

Esteemed bass player Phil Baker and I will be joining the talented Brent Follis at Vino Veritas on Saturday night. Come one, come all!

Ron Steen Jam at the 1905

The 1905 830 N Shaver, Portland , OR

Tom will be playing with Ron Steen and Kevin Deitz at The1905 on N Shaver. Great Jazz.  Excellent food.  Craft Cocktails.

Ron Steen Jam at Arrivederci

Arrivederci Wine Bar 17023 SE McLoughlin Blvd., Milwaukie, OR

Tom will be joining the Ron Steen jam with Kym Hampton. The music starts at 7 PM.