‘Delicioso’ demonstrates to perfection that Grant has lost none of his smooth jazz magic and a case in point is the jazzily languid ‘Whistling In The Dark’ which features Marion McClain on guitar and great work on sax from Renato Caranto. When Caranto returns for ‘The Dog Park’ he combines with Grant to engender what can best be described as a ‘south of the border’ type of a groove and this zesty mood extends to the shuffling Latin undercurrent of the sumptuous title track which, in every respect, is a genuine mid tempo delight. The first single serviced to radio is the bright and breezy ‘Cute New Car’ which offers an enchanting contrast to the decidedly mellow path that Grant takes to ‘Language Of Our Own’ where the tender tones of co-writer Shelly Rudolph radiate throughout the entire piece. Rudolph also affords a writing input (this time with bass player Phil Baker) to the heavily Latin ‘Enamorata’ where her own Spanish vocals fit like a glove and, although ‘Escape Into Dreamland’ enjoys an expansive cinematic quality, the romantically inclined ‘Dancing Heart’ enables Grant to deliver something of a piano master class.

Both ‘Nature Walk’ and ‘Breathing In The Love’ share a restful vibe that comes courtesy of Grant’s wonderful piano melodies while elsewhere ‘Lizard Lounge’ proves to be another cool cut to savour. Right up there with album’s best it includes more superb sax from Renato Caranto yet equally good and a real Smooth Jazz Therapy favourite is ‘Luxurium’. With a wonderful contribution from Paul Mazzio on trumpet this easy paced charmer is quite simply a chunk of timeless smooth jazz. ‘Heidi’s Sons’ provides a poignant ending to a delicious collection that is a ‘must have’ for Tom Grant fans new and old. -James Colah Smooth Jazz Therapy

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Track Listing:

1. Luxurium (Tom Grant)
2. Cute New Car (Tom Grant)
3. Whistling In the Dark (Tom Grant)
4. Language of Love (Tom Grant and Shelly Rudolph)
5. Lizard Lounge (Tom Grant)
6. Delicioso (Tom Grant)
7. Nature Walk (Tom Grant)
8. The Dog Park (Tom Grant)
9. Escape Into Dreamland (Tom Grant)
10. Dancing Heart (Tom Grant)
11. Enamorata (Phil Baker and Shelly Rudolph)
12. Breathing In the Love (Tom Grant)
13. Heidi’s Song (Tom Grant)